When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.- Thomas Jefferson 
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Hello and Welcome to my World...
The Problems.The Reactions & The Solutions:
Smart Meters

All life in this dimension is under a tremendous burden to change and transform.   Environmental, Economic, Social  and Political shifts seem to be happening more and more.  It is important that we go within and listen to what our heart leads us to do, stop relying on others to do the job, especially those in power. The time as come for each of us to take back control of our future and the future of the planet, and stop clinging to old habits based on fear.   What humanity does now will be felt for years to come. The days ahead are laced with  great potential and wisdom, all that is  necessary to awaken and shift human consciousness into a new world.  It is crucial that we do not let this opportunity slip through our fingers, but celebrate the fact that all this is happening to us, here, now! For we all are a part of this magnificent awakening... and that will enable us to walk forward and create a new world that is based on love, compassion and oneness.
As an ex-chauffeur to the 'World's Elite' and living a life that is a mixture of Forrest Gump and David Icke...
I have decided to share all that I have witnessed with the people.
John St. John
Throughout history the masses have been mislead by leaders who told have them what to believe

What if I Told That Everything You Have been Told About Our History Was A Lie! 

For over 20 years I have worked with and for some of the world's (so-called) Elite. 
 One of the many things I discovered was that virtually nothing is as it appears to be. In-fact I actually found out that everything is upside-down, inside-out and backwards… Governments destroy Freedom, Doctors destroy Health, Lawyers destroy Justice, Schools destroy Knowledge, the Mainstream Media destroys Information and differing Religions destroy Unity… 
once I began to understand all this, I started to see the whole of reality in a different way: 
I began to question everything around me, when I heard the statements made by our politicians and saw things on the news, I started to do some research of my own to see if what they were saying was true and guess what… I soon discovered 90% of it was actually un-true!   
It was just being said to manipulate us and to achieve the agenda of whoever was saying it!

Tell me this -do you know or have you ever met anyone who wants a War? NO… so why do our leaders keep promoting them? If I said to you that the best way to put out a fire was to pour more gasoline on it – you would say that I was insane… so how can violence ever achieve peace? Why are we listening to them and sending our sons and daughters off to fight – while they and their children laugh all the way to the bank?

We now have guided missiles, but miss-guided men. Everywhere you look there is Anger, Stress, Alcoholism, Suicide, Drug Abuse, Fear, Escalating Sickness, Pain and Suffering. We celebrate the success of our economy by rising house prices, but forget that this will also mean that now even more people will be un-able to buy them. Homelessness - School Closures – Hospital Cut-backs – Un-Employment. Our leaders may be clever but they're not wise…  We are constantly told that the only way out of this mess is to consume more stuff… Make -Take and Throw-away. Eat at McDonald's, buy cheap Chinese crap from Wal-Mart, spend, spend, spend the little they allow us to have – so that they can make huge profits and eat at 5 star restaurants and buy million dollar homes and cars. Take it from one who knows – they do not eat the food we eat or drink what we drink – they have their own clean-food and drink pushers, in fact that’s why all the good stuff is priced out of our reach .   
Do you really think that the Government has your best interest at heart? In fact, I soon discovered that the Government is only there to make us think we have a choice…  It’s all just Smoke & Mirrors put there to keep us from uncovering the truth and that's where I come in. I am prepared to tell you everything I know – all I ask is that you open your mind and take the time to listen. So stick around folks – and I’ll take you into a world that many rarely see.

This is a website dedicated to uncloaking the truth for all to see... a site where people can discover the news that the main-stream media is not allowed to print! News that once digested  will protect your health and well-being. This is a pill that some might find hard to swallow.  I can assure you that everything you are about to read has been researched thoroughly and it is not there to instill fear - but the exact opposite... Love!
See - In Plane Sight: 
NYPD pepper spray "Violent" protesters.
A picture is worth a thousand words...
The USA, Britain and Canada bombed Libya because the Government was not listening to the voices of the people and were treating the protesters with violence...
Well - Hello! What a Bunch of Hypercritical Liars. 

Why are we doing this to each other... The public are their bothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, relatives and friends... and even pay their wages. 
Our POLICE are arresting the good guys and letting the demons run amuck... WHY? 
Intro by David Icke
The Queen is worth 30 trillion dollars, as are the other richest families in the world... Meanwhile - This is how they treat the people who made them who they are.  Please Watch This...

WiFi in Schools is 
Killing our Children
Every Parent Needs to see this.
We may have the Right to Remain Silent... but  we are losing our Right to Speak! We are taught from birth what to believe, what to think, how to behave and to view ourselves in a certain way. We are taught that the world is a harsh and dangerous place, to be suspicious and not trust anyone but our leaders, we are taught that we are helpless and vulnerable, that we are not smart enough, fast enough, powerful enough, wealthy enough or good enough to survive without them. We are trained to live in fear of others, doubt our selves, do as we are told, not to think and except everything they tell us as the truth without question, that humanity is chaotic and sinful and that human nature is evil and cannot be trusted. We are programmed into disempowerment and taught to place our trust in the authorities and their so-called experts, and to judge and condemn anyone who would empower us to thinking that we are all equal. To Trust the Governments. The Doctors. The Scientists. The Lawyers. The Bureaucracies and the System. The very organizations and institutions that stand to benefit the most from keeping these self-defeating programs intact. It’s all just a business – using people for profit – making us feel unworthy, so that we will do all the work, and they can take all the money and live the life of their dreams.
Give Me Five...  Five Minutes of Your Time to Protect Yourself & Your Family
       (Aren’t You and They Worth It?)
Five minutes is all it takes to Google any of the topics you see listed on this website and find out for yourself what the majority of people and experts are saying about them.
 For crying out loud, ask people and you will find that 90% have lost faith in Government and have little to no trust in Politicians.  So why is it - the majority of them then trust them to make decisions concerning their and their families health and future? The Governments history of trustworthiness alone, should be enough to make anyone think twice about excepting anything they say or promote!

It doesn't make sense.. Why would you take advice on such important issues about your health and welfare from someone you don't trust, without taking the time to research it first?

I like the majority of you am a parent and grandparent and I believe that role includes taking responsibility to protect those I love... all I ask is that you do the same...  Please take a look at the list of subjects here and take a few minutes to research what they are, and what they are doing to you and your loved ones health.

Wishing You, Health, Wealth & Happiness
Beware of Cereal Killers...

Kashi Con Flakes... 
Whole Grains Yes... 
But They Are All GMO Grown!.
Fruit Loops. Captn. Crunch, Lucky Charms. CoCo Pops...
    Elite Beware... Open Mind
As an ex-chauffeur to the Worlds (so-called) Elite, it made me sick to my stomach to see the public treating these people as heroes and celebrities. For as soon as the public had gone and the camera's stopped rolling - these elite would have nothing but contempt for those who praised and idolized them!

'We The People' put our hearts and love out to these people believing that they care about us, and what we say, but  this love and respect is not reciprocated and never will be. To them we are nothing more than a bee hovering over a flower, they just put up with the inconvenience only because it completes their agenda, and we are the ones doing all the work.

  We need to wake up, realize that it was us that gave them their power and we can also take it away... we have given our power away to leaders and forces outside ourselves. But we are the ones who do everything!  Once we awake and rub the sleeping dust from our eyes, we will see them for what they really are - and that is totally insignificant and useless and they would never be able to sit in their ivory towers without us being there to build them! 
 It's time for us to do a 180 degree turn and make them, work for us!  Something we have already paid them for...

               Wake Up and Smell the BS.
Now watch this and send it to everyone you know - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jmtp74vof5Q

Planet Alert!
The Most Important Video 

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I was truly shocked to find out that Canada's EMR (WiFi) safety levels are the worst in the world. Other Countries who have examined the same research and set their safe exposure levels for microwave (RF) radiation at 0.1% - 1% of ours. E.g.. Austria – 0.10 microwatts per cm2, Lichenstein – 0.10 mW/cm2, Russia 10 mW/cm2. Bavaria 10 mW/cm2. Hungary 10 mW/cm2, Italy 10 mWcm2, France 10 mW/cm2, Switzerland 10 mW/cm2, Australia 200 mW/cm2, U.S. 900 mW/cm2, Canada 1000 mW/cm2. Meaning Canada's safety level is 10.000 to 1 million times higher... how can this be okay for us in the long-term, especially for our children?  This research also shows that the majority of illnesses caused by WiFi, occur between 10 mW/cm2 and 1000 mW/cm2, which means that Canada's level of 1000 mW/cm2 puts us at risk for them all! What I would like to know - is Health Canada ignoring this research or are they just trying to kill us! Counties the world over are now banning WiFi in their schools, while our Government is promoting it? Thousands of anti Smart Meter groups the world over are demanding to be allowed to opt-out, but did you know that the Smart Meters they use, emit a fraction of the WiFi compared to the ones we are being forced to have. Are Health Canada and BC Hydro part of some dastardly plot to make us sick and the drug companies rich??? And this is not some nutty conspiracy theory - the facts are there for all to see.  The heads of these Ministries should be Tarred and Feathered for what they are doing to us, they need dragging into Court, to face a jury and tried for forcing Canadians to accept the, now proven Dangerous WiFi in our Schools and Microwave Smart Meters on our homes. I am pleading to all Canadians to come together and demand that Health Canada, BC Hydro and our Government Stop this Genocidal Madness... Now before it's too late!

As an Ex-Chaufuer to these People - I know the Official Story is BS!
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Hi There. The Time Has Come To Get This Show On The Road.
I Am Looking For Someone To Help Me Get The TRUTH Out-There. I Am Willing To Do It & I Have  No Hidden Agenda, Lust for Power or Greed... Only A Love For Humanity.

If You Can Help Me Save This Planet, Contact: jst.john@shaw.ca  
                FOOD FOR THOUGHT
 Spiritual Acquisitions verses the Material

The Spiritual Acquisitions we gather during out time on earth we take with us when we leave this plane... where as all our Material Acquisitions we leave behind. 
So which one would be the better choice... The 'Spiritual'  - Your Souls Growth towards your future evolution, taking with you all the love and admiration of those you have helped. 
Or the 'Material' One lifetime of creature comforts, taking with you all the anger and hatred of those you have hurt and used???   

Never Before In History,
 Has So Much, Been Hidden 
From So Many, By So Few.

John St. John 2005 (Author of Working Class Hero.)

We are 7 Billion People living on a Beautiful and Amazing Planet, Who Have let  a Small Bunch of Tremendously Evil Psychopaths, Poison Our Food, Our Water, Our Sky's, Take Away Our Natural Health Cures,  Vaccinate  Our Children and Traffic Them for Sex... WHY?
Watch this Video. Then Don't Get Angry -  Get Motivated. 
Take Action. GET THE WORD OUT!




Take Away Their Money, Possessions & Power.
Make them work hard to earn just enough to survive, put them in low cost housing without servants, feed them fast food… most can’t cook, boil water or care for themselves… all the jobs that we (the people they think so little of,) have done for them for years.

Note: I have the forms for parents to ensure their children are not vaccinated at school, but the problem is how do I let people know that I have them. The newspaper and the local radio will let me inform people, the schools, pharmacies and hospitals wont take them or even let me put up a poster. They are pushing vaccinations and Flu shots everywhere… but we have nowhere to inform people of the dangers from the ingredients used in these shots so that they can protect themselves and their families… 
5G Testing Kills Birds    
WW3  is Here! 5G will Change Everything and Everyone...