Get Informed – Take the time to find out for yourself what the real story is about. Smart Meters – CFL Bulbs – Fluoride – Aspartame - Chemtrails...Etc.  Talk to Others – Don’t just take the Governments word for things that effect: Your Life & Your Children’s Future… Find Out For Yourself!
Shop Locally Stop supporting the big chain stores… if you can’t afford the better quality items supplied by your local store – then change your shopping habits and buy less – if fact less can be more - because they will last a lot longer.  Think before you buy and ask yourself how could it be made for this price?  These big box stores spend more money figuring out how to make an item break after 12 months than they pay the employees for making the stuff.
Companies like: Wal-Mart. Microsoft. Apple. Nike. Even Marks Warehouse. All get their products made by Slave Labour in China.  From Companies that: Poison the planet with toxic materials. While their staff live in disgusting conditions, work 14 hour days for less than $2 - suffering extreme pain from long hours, women are being forced to have abortions as not to miss work... others commit suicide! How can sick exhausted and abused people be expected to make good products?
Children with

Other Children mining the minerals to make their
See the Documentary: Blood on the Mobile
Bank Locally – Preferably in Credit Unions.

Cut the Elite off at their source... Don't follow the money - control where it goes.
Why should you scrimp and scrape working for a living to repay them for giving you money that they create from thin air. 

Also - Do Not Support
The Big Charities...
Only a tiny fraction of what you give goes to the the Charity
90% goes to
Advertising, Admin & Salaries - Most CEO's earn over a
Million Dollars a year.

Demand Organic Foods that are grown locally and refuse to buy vegetables and fruit that have come from 1,000’s of miles away. Let it rot on the shelves –  your Supermarket will soon change the way they buy it!n.
Be Healthy- Eat Real Food!
Say NO!
To Artificial Ingredients Additives - Chemicals  Coloring - Aspartame  Fluoride - Pesticides -
  Fake Flavorings
Low Quality Fillers
and GMO's

Say No to Prescription DRUGS... Demand Your Rights to have more Natural Health Care
Get the real truth about healthcare and listen to those who know about the hidden and suppressed cures – Give them the chance to tell you what they know and then get real reporters to follow it up.
See Documentaries like:  The Marketing of Madness. Cancer The Forbidden Cures & Run From The Cure...Etc.
Stop drinking and eating their Crap Products – How can you expect your body to be healthy when you fill it full of poisons. Don’t you realize that every penny you save eating this shit - is only going to end up being spent on drugs it will make your body need later on!
Everything in our World has improved except Healthcare...

We now have more sick people than ever before in History!


Follow The Money
When you feel that you are going in the wrong direction –
Take control... throw out the driver and get into the driving seat yourself  
17 Hr. Days
Why should you and your family cry all the way to the Hospital -  while they laugh all the way to the Bank?
Stop Being Bullied by the Greedy Energy Corporations!
Who Keep Rising Our Prices While Making Billion Dollar Profits... From Us!

Demand that your Government invest your tax dollars into exploring FREE ENERGY TECHNOLEDGY 

  Illustrations -
"Live Simply - so that others  - may Simply Live!"
Brake The Chain
Filling The Gap Between Pulp Fiction and Pulp Fact!

Working Class Hero Is That Book.

Take This Opportunity To Find Out  For Yourself  - How The System Works... Then Pass This Amazing, Funny and Extremely Interesting Book On To Your Friends And Let  Them Walk A Mile In My Shoes...

I will take them into a World that many rarely see and by "Telling-it-as-it-is." The Honesty, Sincerity and Compassion I have for Humanity combined with the Betrayal of Trust I discovered from our 'Peers' will awaken many from their Government and Corporate Induced Sleep.
E-Book PDF Download... Only $9.95
Feedback for Working Class Hero

“John St. John’s book is an inspiration for all of us.”         " A Must Read For Every Tax-Payer!"
Alex Atamanenko. Ex-MP. BC Southern Interior.

"Your book is a great ice-breaker for People who have a burning inner feeling that something is desperately wrong in this world, and despite the fact that they don't want to believe that their government is part of the cause, they are now compelled to further investigation as a result of reading your story."

Debbie Anderson. The Canadian Action Party.

Hi John,
I read your book on a beach in Mexico, it rekindled lots of memories for me, loved every bit of it and found it hard to put down.
Take care.
                  J. Fuller. Campbell River. BC.

What a great book for a night by the fire!

One reads it with excitement but also trepidation.... what is going to happen next to our 'vulnerable' hero?
The narrative moves along and there is lots of reference to people and places known to most of us.
Most of us, also, have had times of utter frustration, confusion and outright pain about circumstances we really can't control; no matter what precautions we have taken.  So, we identify strongly with you, John!
You are still young enough to gather material for a sequel, but I would hope the next phase of your life (and Mary's) would be a lot more pleasant...
All in all a good read on several different levels.

All the best in your marketing endeavors!

Morley Lessard. Balfour BC.

Hello John,

Thank you so much, my wife and I couldn’t put it down… Being both teachers we have read a considerable number of books and would defiantly put yours on our top ten list. I forwarded your book to my school librarian and she is going to see about recommending the Calgary board of education consider buying a copy. Who knows? Maybe it would be ordered for use in the high schools? I will be asked to forward a written evaluation of it seeing as how I have read it. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Hope all is well with you and the family. Michael Lalonde.

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