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I have been telling people about this for over 15 years.  

My Mother always said,"Don't put all your Eggs in one Basket." 

A Microchip is that basket... it would contain your health, money and work information, your address, your phone number, your ID and driving licence numbers etc, your age and even shopping and sexual preferences.

Currently if someone tries to rob you, you can throw your wallet in one direction and run away in the other. I'd like to see you do that with your arm, and if a pedophile kidnaps your child, do you really think that they would think twice about cutting the chip out, they could even then shove it down a dogs throat and the police would then follow the dog while they make their escape. 

Also a criminal sitting at the side of the road has no idea who the people are or what they have that pass them by... but with the chip - they could now scan each one and know how much they have and where they live - and the same goes for any desirable woman - they now, not only know that she lives alone... they know where and can be waiting for her on her return!!!

Having a Chip - would also mean: No Cash, No Farmers' Markets, No Garage Sales, No Casual Work, 
No Cash Tips, No in House Savings, No Purchases from Friends,  No Collection Boxes, No Discount for Cash and Total Reliance on the Banks - Plus Complete and Utter Chaos During a Power Cut, etc.etc.

This would be the Government's Dream and the People's Nightmare


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