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Why Should You Listern to Me?

Born into a typical middle class family of the fifties, John’s world was turned upside down by the death of his father; suddenly this happy go lucky ten year old found himself up to his neck in family greed.
Devastated by the subsequent trauma John’s life became a succession of situations and adventures more suited to the pages of a Charles Dickens novel. Forced to leave home at 16, John drifted from job to job and place to place, which over the years accumulated into a story that would rival the movie ‘Forrest Gump.’ 
Like the movies character, John’s life experiences also epitomized the life and times of the period and what experiences they were! John’s had over fifty cars, thirty jobs, two marriages, four children, three careers, and a Leopard in a pear tree! 

Moving house over forty times he witnessed events and situations that most people could only ever dream about, involving hundreds of Pop Stars, Rock Musicians, Sports Celebrities, Movie Stars, Politicians, Ambassadors, Corporate Executives, CEO’s and Royalty! 

For John St. John, being a chauffeur to the “Rich and Famous” was just one of many jobs, that made him privy to the lifestyles of the World's Elite, an ordinary guy from a working class family, John was able to gain a true perspective of the “Do as I say, but not as I do,” mentality, that is so much a part of the secret lives of those in power. 
The insights he obtained would leave such a profound impression upon him, that he became inspired to pass on this knowledge to the world.  
This web-site and the book 'Working Class Hero,' are a compilation of an extraordinary life that will make you laugh, cry and become outraged and inspired. 

 John St. John 
1954 age 5
Market Trader
Boutique Owner
Night Club Bar Manager
Hotel & Restaurant 
Family Man
Professional Photographer
Chauffeur to the "Rich & Famous"
Draftsman.   Errand Boy.   Carpet Salesman. 
Shop Assistant.    Gas Attendant. 
Delivery Driver.  Tire Fitter.
 Laundry Worker.  Pop Man. Truck Driver. 
Sign Writer.  Antique Shipper.  Kitchen  Designer. Jewellery Maker.  Dept Store Clerk. 
 Bowling Instructor.  Bus Driver.
Encyclopedia Salesman. And.....
“John St. John’s book is an inspiration for all of us.”

Alex Atamanenko. Ex-MP. BC Southern Interior.
Just to say a big Thank You for your very informative talk. I thoroughly enjoyed it and although I know these things go on - It was good to have them pointed out again. I have started reading your book and yes, its a real page turner alright, I had a hard time putting it down! I feel it's very well written, congratulations!      Chris. Qualicum Questers Club
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And to tell you the truth, after all that lot, I wish I could retire and say that I was just making all this up... but I can't and since someone has got to tell you - it may as well be me.
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