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John is perfectly genuine he has no agent or manager and belongs to no group, sect, or political party.
So if you would like to hear him speak, invite him to your next meeting, or request your local talk radio show host to  do an interview with him. A mind with knowledge like this is a terrible thing to waste.... Mary

We will be holding and organizing, Events, Seminars and Radio Broadcasts on a wide range of subjects...
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On all levels, physically, mentally and spiritually we need to spread this information to everyone we can - there is safety and strength in numbers. Physically tell others, make posters, flyers and newsletters and distribute them around your neighborhood. 
Imagine that we have already won, see the truth coming out everywhere, visualize us celebrating  a positive outcome.
Whatever your beliefs are, pray, meditation and ask the higher powers, guides and angels to help us.
Regardless of race, colour, creed, religion or species, we are all in the same boat and we all want the best outcome for our loved ones. Now is the time to come together.  Remember - united we stand, divided we fall. We can no longer rely on our Governments and Media to do the job for us - as they are too busy trying to divide and conquer us…
Have patience with each other - put aside your differences and join together in a common goal:
To protect and ensure a ‘Healthy Future’ for us, our children, grandchildren, pets and all living things on this Planet.

We Need All The Help We Can Get
Note to our Political Leaders:

Do the job we are paying you to do, as I can assure you that the satisfaction you would get from helping others is worth thousands of times more to your soul than the material wealth you will obtain through GREED.

Remember this:-

All the 'Material Wealth' you gain throughout your life you leave behind when you die...

but all the 'LOVE' you have acquired goes with you!

(So Choose Wisely.)

John St. John

I am William Wallis
and so is every man viewing this site
and inside every woman there is a
Joan of Arc.

Put Your Money
Where My Mouth Is!
If You can't be there with me - you can still help. I need:
Printing Supplies. Audio Visual Equipment, Bullhorns, Signs, Flyers, Traveling Expenses. Planes- Trains & Automobiles...
  A motion of no confidence (alternatively vote of no confidence, censure motion, no-confidence motion, or (unsuccessful) confidence motion) is a parliamentary motion whose passing would demonstrate to the head of   state and the elected parliament that the people no longer have confidence in their appointed government.

Personally I think we need now is throw the political parties out all-together and go back to a system of independent representation by individuals who work for the people – not the party! People who have a proven track record of compassion, honesty and integrity... and while we're at it, lets throw out the Prime Minister, and replace him with a board made up of the people who received the greatest amount of votes from each province and territory. That way every part of Canada gets a say in what laws and bills are passed.
What we need is a World Wide Vote of No Confidence
Idea's & Solutions
Protect Yourself and your loved ones with a Heavy Metal Detox,
Take herbs like Fennel, Chlorella, Bugleweed, Buckwheat, Yellow Dock Root, Cilantro Leaf and Lobelia.
Build your Immune System with:
Astragalus Bayberry Fenugreek Hawthorn Horehound Licorice Root Red Clover Ginseng
Echinacea Gingko Biloba Goldenseal St. Johns Wort and Cat Claw.

A good source for all of the above is your local Health Food Store or  Natures Sunshine
Stop Being Silent - speak out against unjust laws, rules and regulations.- Demand Change! Don't accept the closing of Schools and Hospitals - Believe me - The Governments have more than enough money!
Don't let them tell you what to do... Instead "Tell Them What To Do!
After-all you are the ones paying for it - Be Strong - Stand up for Your Rights
All Tyranny Needs To Gain A Foothold Is For People Of Good Conscience To Remain Silent   –   Thomas Jefferson
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